• The No. 1 Way to Future-Proof Your Career in the Face of Emerging Technology

    Every sector and every industry is rapidly transforming under the influences of automation, artificial intelligence, and data science. To succeed in the workplace of the future, workers will need to be equipped with hybrid sets of job skills that span across an array of subject areas and industries. Additionally, the skills any one employee needs will change often throughout their career as the business landscape continues to evolve. This means learning must expand beyond the classroom to become a lifelong experience, ... […]

  • A Millennial-Friendly Workplace Is All About Getting the Values Right

    Millennials. Chances are you manage at least one. You may even be one yourself! Poised to make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, this generation of future company leaders has a lot to learn from — and give to — your organization. Yes, Generation Y — definitions vary, but for our purposes, we're considering that to include everyone born between 1980 and 2000 — may be perceived as entitled, ... […]

  • Employer-Issued Fitness Trackers Are All the Rage — But Are Your Privacy Practices Up to Snuff?

    In just the past couple of decades, we've gone from desktop computers and mobile phones to laptops and smartphones. Now, we even have smart watches capable of receiving text messages and phone calls, tracking our sleep patterns and daily fitness activity, and more (cue Black Mirror montage). While technology has certainly changed the way we live, it has also changed the way we work. We need to ask ourselves: What does it mean for employee privacy when technology is ... […]

  • The Golden Country Club: What Does It Really Take to Hire a More Diverse Workforce?

    Sometimes, we put on blinders. Because of the way we live, we think we're fine — that we don't have a problem with women, people of color, or members of the LGBTQIA community. We think of ourselves as nice people just going to work and doing our jobs — just like Todd, a department manager I once coached. In fact, I've coached many managers and leaders who feel diversity and inclusion (D&... […]

  • In a Radically Transforming Staffing Industry, Acquisitions May Be the Key to Unlocking Corporate Value

    Today's staffing market is robust and healthy, growing between 3 and 6 percent annually, according to recent data from Staffing Industry Analysts. At the same time, the nature of the market itself has changed dramatically, with engagements increasingly executed through managed services providers and vendor management systems. More and more firms ... […]

  • 4 Ways to Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge You

    Article by Brittany Hodak You may not be average, but according to Jim Rohn, you are an average: the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Through his studies, Rohn came to understand the power of peer influence. Peer pressure, he realized, isn't always a bad thing. It may be a primary reason teens pick up smoking, but it can ... […]

  • Employee Training: More Critical to Recruiting and Retention Than You Thought

    Employee turnover is costly. From a purely financial perspective, replacing a departed employee can cost roughly one-third of their total salary. From a cultural perspective, institutional knowledge is lost, morale can be harmed, and engagement can suffer. What can companies do to avoid these costs and convince their employees to stay? Stronger benefits and salary raises are often floated as the top ways to improve recruitment and retention efforts, ... […]

  • Start Small: 22 Simple Ways to Start Investing in Your Success Today

    Financially speaking, smart people invest early and use the advantage of smaller gains in the shorter term to create big payoffs in the long run. Whether we're talking mutual funds, CDs, or your retirement portfolio, slow and steady wins the race. As it turns out, the same logic applies to investing in yourself: By making incremental investments of time and energy in small changes today, you can rack up massive dividends in the long run in the form of […]

  • Employee Severance: It's Not Just Nice — It's a Savvy Business Move

    This is a great time to be an employee. Not only is historically low unemployment giving workers more leverage in the job market, but companies are also expanding benefits packages to entice new talent and keep existing team members from looking elsewhere. According to a new study from RiseSmart, employers feel that boosting severance benefits is one of the ways they can project an employee-first image in today's competitive hiring ... […]

  • What Do Job Seekers Want From Your Benefits Package? Stability.

    Work is not just about earning a wage — it's about facilitating a certain lifestyle. Employers know this, and they have long combined competitive compensation with robust benefits packages to attract top talent. Offering attractive benefits is, of course, still a sound recruiting strategy in today's day and age, but this strategy is also long overdue for an update. We must acknowledge two realities up front. First, the cost of benefits ... […]