• Breaking the 'Safe Silence': How to Build a Culture Where People Share Their (Good) Ideas

    Does your company have a positive culture of conversation — a culture where employees are free to voice ideas, find solutions, and innovate? Many employers believe they do and are often confused by the lack of problem-solving ideas coming from their teams. Why the disconnect? The answer may surprise you. According to our recent research in conjunction with the University of Northern Colorado's Social Research Lab, 49 percent of employees say they ... […]

  • The Most Serious Workplace Hazard No One Talks About

    Suicide is a global crisis. According to the World Health Organization, someone dies of suicide every 40 seconds. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that between 1999 and 2016, suicide rates increased in every state in the US; in more than half the ... […]

  • Sleeping on the Job? It's Actually Not a Bad Idea

    You may not realize it, but work and sleep go hand in hand. Sure, we all know sufficient sleep is necessary for you to function in life and at work — but what you may not know is sleeping at work can be a great way to boost your productivity and your overall well-being. Of course, we're not talking about taking a full eight hours at your desk. Rather, ... […]

  • A Good Interview or a Good Candidate? How to Tell Who's a Fit and Who's Just Confident

    Up until her retirement this past August, Diana Natalicio was the president of the University of Texas at El Paso. She held the post for more than 30 years. At the time she stepped down, Natalicio was the longest-serving president still sitting of a major public research ... […]

  • 2019 in Review: 14 Entrepreneurs Reflect on the Biggest Recruiting Trends of the Year

    Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: What major positive recruitment trends did you see in 2019, and why are these trends important? The answers below are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization ... […]

  • Hiring a Software Engineer? Look Out for These Resume Red Flags

    Recently, I read Joel Spolsky's book, Smart and Gets Things Done. It's a book about hiring software engineers based on Joel's experience running a successful software company. It's an old book at this point, but this is the guy who founded Stack Overflow and Trello (among other things), so it is definitely still a good read. One of the points Spolsky makes is that, when he was doing hiring at ... […]

  • Don't Fear the Future: How to Bring Your Whole Self to Work

    Article by Vance Brown Professionals around the world are standing together at a crossroads: the intersection of emerging technical disruption and the future of work. It's a busy, chaotic place. Some naysayers are waving banners of warning, convinced technology will end our usefulness and purpose. My forecast for tomorrow is much brighter. This isn't to suggest the naysayers' concerns aren't valid. Technology can be used nefariously, no doubt, but it also gives humanity the opportunity to thrive like never ... […]

  • Confessions of a Corporate Talent Acquisition Leader: Why HR Should Conduct Its Own Census in 2020

    Guess what happens in 2020. Here's a hint: It happens every 10 years. Correct! It's the US census. But why is there a census, and what value does it provide? Well, the census collects data about everyone living in the United States. That data is then used to determine things like how many seats each state gets in the US House of Representatives, updated public safety measures, plans for schools and hospitals, and many other federal and local initiatives. It may be helpful ... […]

  • How to Keep Employees Engaged in the Digital Era: Run Better Meetings

    Organizational design is a key issue for every business leader. While there may be differences in approach to that design, all tend to agree on one thing: the right strategy and work structure are critical components that shape everything from company culture to the day-to-day experiences of employees. It's common knowledge: When employees are engaged, they are happier, more work gets done, and as a result, companies prosper. When employees ... […]

  • From Selling to Storytelling: LinkedIn's 'Future of Recruiting' Report Predicts Transformational Change for the Industry

    "The perception is that it's harder to find people. The reality is that it's easier than ever to find people. It's just harder to engage them — especially when that talent has 100 other companies coming after them." So says Recruiting Toolbox Managing Director John Vlastelica in LinkedIn's "Future of Recruiting" report. Such a pronouncement seems to fly in the face of recruitment orthodoxy. ... […]