• Digital Optimism: How AI Will Put the 'Human' Back Into 'Human Resources' in 2019

    In the war for talent, the field of human resources is the front line for innovation. To beat the competition and hire top-tier candidates, HR departments must leverage the right technology to get things done fast, while still retaining the human touch that is critical to recruiting and retention success. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, digital platforms and services are developing faster than ever. As more and ... […]

  • Candidate Submission Response Time: The Roadkill of ATSs

    Ask almost any recruiter what the most frustrating part of their job is, and they will likely tell you it is waiting for the hiring authority to get back to them with a decision on a candidate submission. As applicant tracking systems (ATSs), job boards, and other software solutions have automated more and more of the submission process, the greatest casualty has been the direct connection recruiters once had with ... […]

  • 10 Moments When a Career Coach Can Help

    Over the years, career coaches have grown in popularity. Once seen as a luxury only top executives could afford, they are now thoroughly mainstream. The shifting perception of career coaches may have something to do with the increasing complexity of the workplace. Professionals are switching jobs more frequently, and companies are searching for ways to empower and retain their top talent in this job-hopping-friendly climate. As a result, some organizations […]

  • 4 Things Your Resume Can't Do

    A great resume can further your career. The stronger it is, the more interviews you'll land. An excellent resume can even get you headhunted! However, no matter how good your resume is, it can't do all of the heavy lifting in the job search process. While it can make a fantastic first impression and provide employers with a detailed account of your career history, here are four things your resume ... […]

  • Here Are the Most Satisfying Jobs in America

    The prevailing wisdom is that today's job seekers value work with a purpose over high pay. In fact, one study even found that most people would accept a 32 percent pay cut if it meant their work would be more meaningful. But as it turns out, "high pay or high satisfaction" is a false dichotomy. That's ... […]

  • This Stakeholder Management Scorecard Can Help You Make the Best Hires

    Securing talent is always a challenge, but for me, hiring for a startup is the most difficult type of hiring. You can explain to candidates until you're blue in the face that uncertainty is simply part of the game when your company is doing something brand new, but the reality of startup life still comes as a surprise to many once they've been hired. Startups, either by design or due ... […]

  • Pro Tips to Encourage More Efficient Hiring Team Communication

    In order for your company to attract top talent, everyone in the hiring process must work together through strong, open lines of communication. Without solid collaboration, the recruitment process is simply bound to fail. Below are some pro tips to help you bridge communication gaps on your hiring team and build a stronger, more efficient recruiting process: 1. ... […]

  • Can You Get a Good Job With a Bad Credit History?

    When you have bad credit, it can feel like you're a second-class citizen. The only debt products available to you are typically predatory and high interest, while a mortgage is pretty much off the table entirely. You may have trouble being approved for a rental, and utility companies might require a deposit to set up your account. As if that weren't enough, bad credit can also affect your ability ... […]

  • Volunteer PTO Is the New Raise

    "Kindness is contagious." "You get more than you give." These age-old sayings are particularly appropriate today, given that more than 60 million Americans take time to volunteer at least once a year. Like most activities in which one has a personal interest, volunteering has historically taken place outside of work hours. However, that paradigm is starting to change, partially in response to employee demands for increased work/... […]

  • 4 Tips for Your Small Business Job Interview

    Believe it or not, small businesses accounted for two-thirds of all net new jobs in the US last year, according to data from the Small Business Administration. Working at a small business can provide numerous benefits, from the chance to ... […]