• Hiring a Software Developer in India Is Not as Easy as You Think

    In addition to boasting one of the largest software development talent pools in the world, India sports some of the most ambitious, innovative developers you can find. Despite the size of the software development offshoring industry, tapping this talent pool is often easier said than done. The recruiting process in India is not as simple as you might think. If you really want to expand your team with offshore software ... […]

  • The Rise of Remote Work Is Changing Traditional Recruitment

    The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to spikes in unemployment around the world. As widespread stay-at-home orders have felled many traditional businesses and major players like Twitter and Square have enabled full-time remote work forever, more and more job seekers have turned their attention to the world of working from home. These shifts will have far-reaching implications for recruiters well into the future. The ... […]

  • Keeping Promises: How to Shape Your Employer Brand in the New Normal

    Your organization has an employer value proposition (EVP) whether or not you are actively working to shape it. According to Gartner, organizations that deliver on their EVPs can cut annual turnover by almost 70 percent and boost new hire loyalty by almost 30 percent. With the events of 2020 having redefined all aspects of work, how you position your […]

  • Reboarding: How to Prepare Your Organization for a Return to the Office

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced huge swaths of the American workforce into furlough or remote work arrangements. Now, as lockdown restrictions slowly and unevenly begin to lift, employers are starting to think about how to bring employees back into the office. The return to normal is likely to be a long path with plenty of ups and downs. To makes things as easy as possible, company leaders should take the time now to carefully craft their […]

  • Embracing Diversity, Increasing Inclusion: 3 Ways to Make Your Organization More Welcoming to All

    Article by Karima Mariama-Arthur People often speak of diversity and inclusion as if they were interchangeable words, but the truth is they're very different concepts. When we speak of workplace diversity, we're talking about the presence — or absence — of people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, age brackets, geographical locations, and religious traditions representing an assortment of physical and mental abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ... […]

  • Proportional Prejudice: How Diversifying Your Applicant Pool Can Lead to a Less Diverse Workforce

    We know certain types of jobs tend to be held by more men than women, or vice versa. Programming jobs, for instance, are notoriously male-dominated, while positions in human resources are often populated by women. The managers we speak with and consult for are often aware of this imbalance and want to remedy it. One common fix we hear is to recruit candidates more broadly. In other words, encourage more members of the underrepresented gender to apply to particular jobs. We ... […]

  • Hiring for Fit With Data, Not Your Gut

    It is common to say, "Trust your gut!" when it comes to hiring. A hiring manager's intuition can often be a make-or-break factor in determining a candidate's fit. However, gut instinct isn't always reliable, and it's rarely supported by data. Instead of relying on such a flawed measure, hiring teams need to screen for candidate fit in a way that can be analyzed and compared, a way that minimizes bias as much as possible. One way to do this is to ... […]

  • The Employee Experience Matters as Much as the Customer Experience — Start Investing in It Today

    In a 2014 interview with ToyNews, LEGO designer Samuel Thomas Johnson recounted his unique journey to landing a job with the world-famous toy company. Growing up, Johnson had always wanted to work for LEGO. His passion was so strong that, when he was 8 years old, he wrote a letter to the company to express his dream of getting a job there and to ask how he could make ... […]

  • How Conversational AI Is Driving the Evolution of HR and Recruiting

    As anyone who has taken part in the recruiting process knows, it's all too easy to get buried under an influx of not-so-qualified applicants, forcing you to spend countless hours screening resumes to identify that handful of candidates who merit interviews. Lately, however, new advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have arrived to assist HR pros and recruiters in their efforts.  […]

  • 5 Ways Women Can Support Each Other at Work

    Article by Katherine Fusco We've all heard the narrative, the one about the senior woman who doesn't support women below her. (We hear quite a bit less about the battles that senior woman fought and the toll they have taken.) We know, too, about the mansplainers, the low-key harassers, and the underminers young women face at work. Some women might object to the premise of this article. They might say they identify as individuals or that their employers don't ... […]