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  • Have a Plan, But Keep It Flexible: Thriving Professionally After a Medical Diagnosis

    When someone is diagnosed with a serious health condition, it impacts several important areas of their life, including work. A person may start to wonder: - How do I balance work and medical treatment? - What can I expect from my employer? - What are my legal rights? - What do other people do in this situation? One common misconception is that people who have serious illnesses do not want to work. The results of […]

  • Get to Know Alexa — Before She Takes Your Job

    Alexa sits on my counter. Officially, the product itself (a "smart speaker") is known as Amazon Echo. Echo connects to Alexa, a "cloud-based voice service," according to Amazon. Amazon named her "Alexa" after the Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, one of the most important libraries of the ancient world, a font of knowledge and information. I originally bought Alexa as a toy, and to play music in my kitchen and living room. She connects with my Spotify and Apple ... […]

  • More Than Experience or Education, Employers Want Candidates With Potential

    Recently, I interviewed a potential new hire for our tech department. This engineer wasn't familiar with PHP, one of the primary languages used to build our company's technology, but that wasn't necessarily a concern. Our chief technology officer, Michael Henderson, and I agree that the right candidate can always learn PHP on the job. There are more ... […]

  • Hook, Line, and Sign 'em: How to Appeal to the Modern Workforce

    The modern workforce is dominated by millennials and Generation Z. While these two generations do have their differences, together they make up one population that has changed the world of work — and especially how we attract and retain talent. In light of today's tight labor market, and at the dictate of this modern workforce, workplace culture is a top priority that can make or break both the quality and quantity ... […]

  • 5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Team Happy

    Work is a big part of our lives. In fact, many of us probably see our colleagues more than we see our own families over the course of an average week. It makes sense, then, that employees want to feel respected in the workplace and to truly enjoy their jobs. If you're going to spend so much time at the office, you might as well be happy while you're at it. But&nbs […]