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  • Recruiter Index®: Majority of Recruiters Predict Hiring Activity Will Increase in the Next 30 Days

    Since April, Recruiter.com has been tracking recruiter sentiment and hiring activity through the Recruiter Index®, an ongoing survey of recruiters and hiring professionals on the front lines of the job market today. While May's poll showed significant improvements in recruiter confidence and job market activity over April's, June's results are strikingly positive. For the first time since the survey began, the majority of recruiters — 51.4 percent — believe their job requirement ... […]

  • In the Transition From Candidate to Employee, Collaboration Is Key

    Every candidate on the job market is looking for the perfect position — and that's harder than it sounds. Looking for a job is a full-time job of its own. Job seekers head into the market every single day to ensure they'll get the role they truly desire. Even though it's a very tiring and time-consuming process, candidates put up with it because they know they will be rewarded in the end. On the flip side, employers are doing a very similar ... […]

  • Hiring During Lockdown: How We've Grown Our Startup in These Uncertain Times  

    According to a report by CNBC, the number of payrolled jobs lost since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic is more than double the number lost during the Great Recession. The same report features testimony from a number of recent graduates who have had job offers withdrawn due to the economic shutdown, creating a semi-hidden tier of additional employment loss. We are potentially looking at an entire ... […]

  • A Guide to Layoffs: How to Avoid Them and, If Necessary, Handle Them the Right Way

    In today's turbulent business environment, many companies have struggled to stay above water. I know a thing or two about overcoming this kind of adversity: I started my current company, Fingerpaint, in 2008 at the peak of the Great Recession. Despite this, I'm proud to say that I have never laid off an employee due to a downturn in business. Personally, I advocate against using layoffs as a means of saving ... […]

  • 'Keep Experts on Tap — Not on Top': The Perils of Always Deferring to the Experts

    Artificial intelligence makes everything easier. Google Maps tells us the optimal route to the grocery store so we don't have to worry about traffic. Spotify algorithmically recommends new music based on our past listening habits, and we never have to worry about getting bored with our workplace soundtracks. Cutting-edge job-matching tools tell us which candidates would make the best fits for our open roles, doing away with the time-consuming sourcing and ... […]